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This is the page of Aargon. It is under construction, because the old one got destroyed... *grumble*

Here is some important stuff

About Me

If you want to know more about me, you will it probably find here.

Pictures made from time to time, published with AlbumShaper. (descriptions in german)

Here are some Links to things I am interessted in, eg Copyright Law, ....

horrible silly things

Some collected stuff, with highlights:

  1. Check if your Cow has BSE
  2. some jokes


This is a link to a german-language MUD in Vienna. It was founded by Ed, Skunk and me.

You can try it via telnet to bl.mud.at on port 5678.


Here you can find some collected documentation. By now this sites are in developement.

My Bike

In 2006 i bought a new (old) bike: A Triumph Tiger T400. The first official Photo.

Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia


Mix some drinks - nice site!

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